Enigma Mark 4 PCB pair
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Our very own Open Source Arduino based Enigma Replica Prototype PCBs are now available! It is based on the Proof-of-Concept, as featured in our Instructable at: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-your-own-Enigma-Replica/.

You get both of these PCBs and the Assembly Instructions. Once you acquire on your own the Bill of Materials below, you will have all it takes to easily recreate your own Enigma Replica.

If you prefer, you can purchase from us the Enigma kit which includes both PCBs, the Assembly Instructions and every component required to build the electronic portion of the Enigma Replica (no box included).


1 Motherboard PCB
1 Daughter Card PCB
1 Arduino Mega
4 16Segment
26 White LEDs for Lampfield
5 Red LEDs 5mm for Modes
36 Pushbuttons
2 30 Female Header Pins
3 30 Male Header Pins
1 18 Double Wide Male Header Pins
1 On/Off/On Switch
38 Resistors 470 Ohms
37 Resistors 1K Ohms
4 Resistors 10K Ohms
7 IRF9Z24N P-Channel MOSFET
1 Battery Holder
1 Battery Pair
1 Battery Connector
1 Battery Charger
1 Perforated Top Plate
1 Wood Box
1 Hinge & Hooks
1 Half-Mortise Lock
26 Banana Jacks Dual
20 Banana Plugs Dual


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Enigma Mark 4 PCB pair

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