LBE Geo-Guide Kit
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Our Flagship product! This kit allows the user to build, among other things, a fully functional multi-stage Inverse Geocaching device.

Kit comes complete with:


- Arduino Pro/Mini


- Parallel 1602 LCD

- SD card Reader/Writer

- NRF24L01 Wireless Transmitter/Receiver

- N/O Button

- On/Off Switch


- 3181 Opto-Coupler

- 9 Volt Battery connector

- Resistors

- Header Pins

Comes with detailed Assembly instructions, complete with pictures. All you need to add is your case, whether you want to use an Ammo can, a lock n lock container, or like us, a Pelican 1015 case. You will also need an FT232RL USB to Serial Adapter to reprogram the Arduino Pro/Mini. Picture shows optional Pelican 1015 case as an example.

None of our products come with batteries.


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LBE Geo-Guide Kit

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