LBE Nano V2.0 PCB
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This unique & custom Printed Circuit Board is at the heart of our Product Offering.

It allows easy integration of an Arduino Nano, a Parallel LCD (1602 or 2004). a Skylab SKM53 GPS, a SD Card Reader/Writer, an RF24L01+ along with Mosfet, Opto-Coupler, On/Off switch, N/O Pushbutton & 9-Volt battery. It features a space to add a secondary (function) button.

Versatile, it can be used in numerous versions for various applications:

- Inverse geocache

- Multi Stage Geo-Guide

- Wireless Twins

- GeoSmart Display

- etc

  • Item #: PCB-LBENano
  • Condition: New

LBE Nano V2.0 PCB

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